Melville Athletics Club Inc, otherwise known as Melville ROAR Seniors, is affiliated with Athletics WA, who conduct all athletics meets at the WA Athletics Stadium.

Important: Make sure you get your entries in for the WA States Champs. More info and to register visit the Athletics WA web site.


The Athletics WA’s Strive Track and Field Committee is responsible for programming and conducting of the Interclub Track & Field Competition in accordance with the IAAF and Athletics Australia Rules, and other rules as laid down by Athletics WA.

Competitions are conducted at the WA Athletic Stadium, Stephenson Avenue, Mt Claremont.  The calendar of events along with timetables of events can be found on the Athletics WA website.

Athletes must sign in for track events at registration at least 45 minutes before their competition is due to begin. Athletes who fail to do so will not be able to compete. Athletes need to marshal to the start point of their event no later than 15 minutes before start time.

Competition Uniform

Competition Uniform

You must wear without exception the Melville ROAR competition top and black shorts or bike style running pants.  You will not be allowed to compete if you are not wearing the correct Melville ROAR uniform and this will be strictly enforced. To purchase a top email


To maximise performance and prevent damage to the Mondo surface, athletes must not use sharp spikes that will penetrate the surface. The only spikes permitted for use on the track are of the Christmas Tree and Pyramid shape variety as pictured below. The composition of the spike, i.e. ceramic or metal, is irrelevant and will not be monitored.

For all training and competition the spikes must conform to the below rules;

  • Track spikes must not exceed 7mm
  • Field spikes must not exceed 9mm except for javelin & high jump which must not exceed 12mm
Competition Numbers

Athletes will need to register with Athletics WA, selecting Melville ROAR as the Club. Entries for weekly events close at midday the day prior to the competition.

You can collect your registration number from the Athletics WA office or on the day of competition itself. If collecting on competition day, please allow plenty of time for this to be done before your event. A competition flat fee of $20 (as many events as you wish) is payable at the time of competition registration for registered Melville athletes.

Late entries

On-the-day fee of $25

This is paid at the registration desk prior to competition starting. Entry into additional events on competition nights incur an additional fee of $10.00. Late entries close 30 minutes prior to the event schedule time. Late entry athletes will be graded at the discretion of AWA for their event.

Please check the AWA web site fro more information.

Athletes must wear their Athletics WA competition number on front and back unless doing high jump or pole vault.

Senior Little Athletes

Melville Little Athletes that are turning 12 years of age or older in year of competing are allowed to be registered to compete at a Seniors meet.