Congratulations to all athletes that participated at the Zones championships. Melville Roar athletes put in some very strong performances with many qualifying for the State Champs. This year WA little athletics have a new registration process for State Champs.


  • You must register by 11:59pm Thursday 22nd Feberuary 2018
  • Register via Results HQ
  • ONLY select the events your athlete/s have qualified for
  • There is a $10 charge per event


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The Melville Athletic Centre (Melville Roar) is delighted to announce a partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation as a Fundraising Partner of the Centre to enable all donation made for the jumps track project to be fully tax deductible.

The Australian Sports Foundation has worked with sporting organisations for close to 30 years, helping raise money for Australian sport, with over $350 million being raised across its near 30-year history.

The Australian Sports Foundation has unique Deductible Gift Recipient status ensuring that all donations of greater than $2 are tax deductible.

The jumps track project is costing $62,405.00, with the Melville Athletics Centre currently contributing $30,000.00 with the support of Clubs. A Community Sports and Recreation Facilities Fund (CSRFF) application is being process, however the City of Melville are not able to contribute to the funding of the track. It is hope DSR will provide their one third of the project cost as part of the CSRFF application.

The Melville Athletics Centre has created an overarching “Melville Athletics Jumps Track Project Fund” that will see money raised put back into the replacement of the jumps track and the relocation of the top jumps pit.

“Australian Sports Foundation have great experience and offer a unique partnership in the market and it will be great to work in partnership to raise the funds required to complete the replacement of the jumps track.”

The Melville Athletic Centre offers a warm thanks to all individuals and businesses who give generously to support the Athletics Centre to move forward with the replacement jumps track, improving the completion and training environment and athlete participation.

Go to the links below to visit the Project and Donations pages:

Project Page:
Donation Page:

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Register for Zones

Nominations are now open for LAWA Zone 2 LAWA Zones Championships through your family portal at

Nominations close 05 Feb 2018 at 11:59 PM AEST

See for a step by step view of the nomination process.

In completing this Zones nomination, you are acknowledging that you will be required to complete up to four hours towards a parent helper roster as allocated by your Centre at the State Championships should your child qualify.


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Meet your Melville Roar captains

Congratulations to Caitlin Blackman and Cameron Broughton on being selected as the 2017/2018 captains. Both Cameron and Caitlin have been part of the Melville Roar team for many years with experience spanning center athletics, state relay championships and national level competition.

Our center chairman proudly presented them with their captain shirts this past Saturday.

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Running for 18 hours a day, seven days a week, for over six weeks…

Ross invited Grahak Cunningham to address the athletes at his middle session last week. Grahak is an ultra ultra marathon runner

“The distances he runs are beyond the realms of even the toughest athletes” ~Ultrafit Magazine

Reminder: Training for U12 to U17 is available at Len Shearer Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. More information can be found here.

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WA All Schools success

Congrats to all athletes who participated over the weekend at the WA All School championships. Melville Roar athletes once again demonstrated strength across all events with medals being won by the following athletes,

Ellie Glands, 2nd, Girls U16 2000 mtr steeplechase
Isabella Reeves, 1st, Girls 200 Meter Dash U18
Iysha O’Meara, 2nd, Girls 200 Meter Dash U18
Isabella Reeves, 1st, Girls 200 Meter Dash U18
Kiara Speechly, 2nd, Girls 200 Meter Dash U18
Iysha O’Meara, 3rd, Girls 200 Meter Dash U18
Kiara Speechly, 3rd, Girls 400 Meter Dash U18
Isabella Reeves, 2nd, Girls 100 Meter Hurdles 76cm U18
Ashlee Cronin, 1st, Girls 400 Meter Hurdles 76cm U18
Caitlin Baclman, 1st, Girls Long Jump U18
Caitlin Baclman, 1st, Girls Triple Jump U18
Lara Ilievski, 1st, Girls Javelin Throw 500gm U18
Kayla van der Linden, 1st, Girls 400 Meter Dash U14
Kayla van der Linden, 1st, Girls 800 Meter Run U14
Kayla van der Linden, 1st, Girls 1500 Meter Run U14
Ebonique Paciente, 3rd, Girls Long Jump U14
Sasha Zhoya, 1st, Boys 200 Meter Dash U16
Lachlan Bennett, 2nd, Boys 800 Meter Run U16
Sasha Zhoya, 2nd, Boys Pole Vault U16
Luke Shaw, 2nd, Boys 400 Meter Dash U18
Luke Shaw, 1st, Boys 800 Meter Run U18
Sasha Zhoya, 1st, Boys 110 Meter Hurdles 91cm U18
Jame Speechly, 1st, Boys Shot Put 3kg U14
Raynor Keane, 2nd, Boys 200 Meter Dash Ambulatory Para U16
Ben Shaw, 3rd, Boys 200 Meter Dash Ambulatory Para U16
Raynor Keane, 2nd, Boys 800 Meter Dash Ambulatory Para U16
Raynor Keane, 2nd, Boys 800 Meter Dash Ambulatory Para U16

Our Middle distance running academy had a terrific representation in this years WA All Schools championships with some of our athletes also qualifying for the state team travelling to Adelaide in December.

Congratulations to the following runners and their families for getting to that line and competing so well for Melville Roar on the weekend.

  • Charlotte George U14
  • Kayla Van Der Linden U14
  • Vanessa Miller U16
  • Miller Street U14
  • Jed Street U14
  • Aiden Street U14
  • Lachlan Bennett U16
  • Raynor Keane U18 Para


Remember training sessions are held every Wednesday at 4 30 and all runners from Melville centre 11 years old and up may attend
Coach Ross Keane

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