Dear Members

It is with a strong sense of community that we spread the message that “we are Melville”. We openly share our Centre, our successes and our challenges as a collective and it is through this that we continue to improve.

It is our athletes, parents and supporters that make our Centre what it is, the time commitment, the relationships and most importantly the sense of belonging that we create. As parents we are all well aware of the behind the scene efforts it takes to make our Centre and competition work, but for as long as the children remain oblivious to this and simply participate and enjoy themselves, then we are all doing our job.

The reality of running a Centre is that we need this balance and our committee has once again has been outstanding. We are an eclectic group with complementary skills which has been able to manage the running of our Centre with our own personal circumstances. It is reasonable to state that a number of current serving members of the executive committee are nearing the next phase in their athletics journey and we encourage all members to consider nominating for the vacant positions as a way to involve themselves and learn more. It is by far more beneficial to become part of the solution and with most positions there is ample care and support for those willing to have a go.
Our attendance at events like the State Relays, Combined Events, Zones and State Championships continue to provide opportunities to showcase our Centre and through this we continue to promote ourselves and our spirit. It is always a pleasure to witness firsthand the conduct of our athletes at these events particularly the sportsmanship, levels of encouragement and the resulting friendships that form.

We are in a privileged position to watch our athletes develop in the domains of physical, emotional, social and individual performance which should not be lost in the notion of whole child development. Often we see children within our clubs over the season more than relatives and over a greater number of years.
In the context of the world there is a lot to be thankful for. We sincerely thank everyone for the season and for those continuing into to the winter, our very best wishes.

MAC Executive Committee