Life Members

Life Membership

We wish to recognise and extend our appreciation for exceptional service to our life members. Last year we inducted a new life member, Tracey Robinson, to Melville Little Athletics Centre following her extraordinary contribution over many years: 
Chris Chequer Milan Klauz
Eric Christian Diane Lowe
Lorraine Feddema Leo Schaper
Kaye Hair (deceased) Merrill Straughan
Doug Hancy (deceased) Trevor Straughan
Jenny Hazell Jim Turnbull
Tracey Robinson  (2013) Chris Craggs  (2012)
 Darren Wright (2014)

Athlete Life Membership

Established in 2012/2013 we wish to recognise the dedication and contribution of athletes who have been registered and competing with Melville Little Athletics Centre from U7-U17

 Alyx Robinson (2013)
 Nicole (Bobbi) Clark (2014)
 Kate Holt (2014)