Melville Roar athletes dominate at All Schools champs

Thumbs up to our Melville Roar athletes. Looking at the results it sure highlights what a great weekend our athletes had.

Scroll down the page to see how our Melville Roar (top 8 performances) athletes did. More results can also be found on the WA Athletics site by following the link below.

Day 1 


Stefan Rajokovic – TJ (1st), 100m (3rd), 200mH (8th)
Luke Shaw – 1500m (1st)
Sasha Zhoya – TJ (2nd), 100m (7th)
Courtney Johns – 3000m Walk (2nd)
Bella Reeves – 100m (4th)
Taylor Kroyer – 1500m (4th)
Tyler Glands – Jav (5th)
Iysha O’Meara – 100m (6th)
Jack Lightfoot – 100m (6th)
Lyndon Kenworthy-Groen – Jav (7th)


James Gallaugher – 100m (1st)
Mikayla Johns – 3000m Walk (1st)
Caitlin Blackman – LJ (2nd), HJ (7th), 100m (8th)
Imogen Taylor – SP (2nd)
Sophie Williams-Woods – 100m (2nd)
Sophie Reid – 200mH (3rd)
Kiara Speechley – 100m (4th)
Cassia Boglio – 1500m (4th)
Kellie Graham – 100m (5th)
Josh Mott – 1500m (7th)


Nicole Robinson – HJ (2nd)
Georgia Boxley – 100m (3rd)
Alexander Phua – 100m (5th)
Reyhana Malekloo – 100m (6th)

Day 2

Bella Reeves – 80mH  (1st)
Sasha Zhoya – 90mH (1st), HJ (4th)
Luke Shaw – 400m (2nd)
Iysha O’Meara – LJ (4th)

Lauren Hyde-Cooling – Pole Vault (1st)
Cheyenne Yates – Discus (1st)
Sophie Williams-Woods – 90mH (1st)
Nathan George – 400m (1st)
Lara Ilievski – Discus (2nd)
Lachlan Fox – HJ (4th)
Liam Fox – SP (5th)
Cassia Boglio – 3000m (5th)
Jizelle Kenworthy-Groen – 400m (6th)
Sophie Reid – 90mH (7th)

Nicole Robinson – LJ (1st)
Amy Reid -100mH – (2nd)
Ciara Browne – Discus (3rd)
Mackenzie Liddelow – LJ (4th)
Scott Russell – 400m (5th)

Day 3

Luke Shaw – 800m (1st)
Stefan Rajakovic – LJ (1st), 200m (2nd)
Sasha Zhoya – LJ (3rd)
Iysha O’Meara – 200m (4th), TJ (6th)
Jack Lightfoot – LJ, (5th), 200m (5th)
Courtney Johns – Jav (6th)

Lara Ilievski – Jav (1st)
Sophie Williams-Woods 200m (3rd)
Amelia Hayward – 800m (3rd)
Josh Mott – 800m (3rd)
Liam Fox – Discus (3rd)
Kiara Speechley – 200m (4th)
Milan Murdock – 2000m Steeplechase (4th)
Caitlin Blackman – 200m (5th), TJ (5th)
Jizelle Kenworthy-Groen – 800m (7th)
Kellie Graham – 200m (7th)
Mikayla Johns – Jav (8th)

Mikayla Johns – 5000m Walk (1st)
Holly Hughes – 5000m Walk (3rd)
Alexander Phua – 200m (4th)
Dylan Watson – 200m (6th)