U6 -U10
Brentwood, Leeming and Olympia train at Len Shearer Reserve Wednesday 4:45-6pm
Palmyra Bicton train at Palmyra Primary School Wednesday at 4:30pm

U11 and Over 
During Summer Season Track and Field training for U11 and over is held at Len Shearer once per week on Tuesdays at  5pm and includes all clubs. Middle distance training is normally held on Mondays and Wednesdays evenings at Len Shearer.

Details will be updated in preparation to the new season.


Conditions to attend training:

* Athletes (>16 years) and parents must register their attendance at training using the SafeWA app or sign the attendance register.

*Athletes must wear appropriate sports clothing and enclosed shoes. If using spikes, they must also have cross trainers for warm up and cool down

* Athletes must inform the Coaching Manager of any recent injury, as well as any current physical discomfort (no matter how slight it may be)

* Athletes are to select one event at the start of each training session and must remain at that event for the duration of the session

* Athletes are to stay with their coach until the end of the session and must inform their coach if they need to leave the group for any reason (eg toilet or drink break)

* Throws training – Equipment (SP, Jav, Discus) must remain on the ground until it is the athlete’s turn to throw or unless directed by the coach

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